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Corporate Responsibility

BRF helps develop those communities in which we operate locally, reduce our social-environmental impact and disseminate sustainability throughout our production chain.

  • Healthy Life

    Healthy Life Healthy Life

    Healthier habits make life more enjoyable. BRF not only supports sports through sponsorships and incentives for a more active life, but is also concerned about offering healthier products, stimulating good eating habits and following the main global trends in health and wellbeing. See more
  • Communities

    Communities Communities

    We care about our employees and about the local development of the communities in which we operate, and we work to reduce our social and environmental impact, disseminating sustainability throughout our production chain. According to the rankings released by Forbes magazine in 2014, we are one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world. We seek excellence in products and in innovation and research processes.
  • Environment

    Environment Environment

    More than preserving the environment or creating jobs, we should stand out in the market and in the performance of our daily work based on guidelines, practices and actions that seek positive and simultaneous progress in economic-financial, environmental and social aspects. We seek the economic development of those communities in which we operate and we adopt a set of guidelines to garner respect for human rights and for the environment.
  • Animal welfare

    Animal welfare Animal welfare

    BRF wants to positively transform its entire global chain by acting even more ethically and responsibly. Its core activity is producing animal proteins, so animal welfare is naturally one of the great causes we advocate not only within our company, but also outside the BRF universe.